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Hey guys and welcome back!

Seeing as your reading about someone you don’t really know much about, I decided my next blog post should be getting to know me better! It’s all a bit ass backwards but it’s all part of my blogging adventure and the fun of learning! My ‘About Me’ page has some lighter information about me but in this post I wanted to go a little deeper.

I didnt really know where to start, so I took to the good old Google for some help and hopefully i’ve got some questions that are quite interesting and that’ll get you thinking, just as they have me. So lets go!

  1. What did you think you’d grow out of but haven’t?

This one didnt take much thinking about and its kind of embarrassing but it’s sucking my thumb! I know, i know, a 23 year old sucking her thumb, crazy right?! but I honestly only do it when its completely needed. As a child I had a dummy, but mother told me “If you want to suck anything, you need to suck your thumb!” and that was where it all began. Sucking my thumb didnt come alone though, oh no, just to add to the embarrassment I also play with my ear! So for 18 years, whenever im completely knackered or upset, the thumb goes in and I cannot tell you the calming affect it has. I’m not sure ill ever grow out of it but its given me 20 years of comfort so far and I dont plan on ever chopping my thumb off so we’ll see.

2. If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

This is any interesting one because initally I thought flying or invisability, I mean who wouldnt love those things? but after careful concideration the superpower I would have would definatly be to freeze time. Have you ever been in a moment that you wish could last forever? I know I definatley have and just to have those moments for a little bit longer would be incredible. Another reason is children grow so quickly! I don’t have any myself, but having close relatives and friends with children, I know how quickly they grow so i would love to freeze time and just enjoy every second with them being so little! Lastly, who wouldnt want to freeze that moment your starving and you take the first bite into that greasy, cheesy, big burger!Yummy!

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3. What question would you most like to know the answer to?

WHAT CAME FIRST THE CHICKEN OR THE EGG? If you know the answer, PLEASE tell me!

4. What’s something embarrassing/funny thats happened to you?

I have so many stories that I could write for hours but one story springs to the front of my mind for this question. I used to babysit a lot and one time I arrived at the house I was going to, knocked on the door and I was invited in, waiting for me was a peice of homemade flapjack (sounds great right?) It was, until I realised it contained currents and raisins, 2 things i’m really not a fan of! Anyway, it was handed to me on a plate with a fork and I politely accepted. After being told it had been baked freshly that day, the lady looked at me with anticipation as I cut into it and took my first mouthful, I nodded eagerly and made lots of ‘mmm’ noises as I continued to chew and swallow but just as I putting my fork in to get my next mouthful the flapjack flicked onto the floor! DISASTER. Her face dropped and without even thinking, flustered and totally embarrassed I scooped it up and put it in my mouth! EWW. The things we do out of politeness hey!? Perhaps next time I should just pick it up with my fingers in the first place!

5. Whats one thing your glad you did, but would never do again?

In October last year I ticked the number 1 thing on my bucket list off. Yaaay! It was a birthday present that I had no idea about but it was something that i’d wanted to do for ages. It was a skydive AND HOLY SHITBALLS IT WAS SCARY! I had it cancelled once and on the second booking, after 7 hours of waiting, my name was finally called and boom, 20 minutes after getting suited and booted in all the skydive gear, there I was free falling through the air at over 100mph wondering what the f**k id got myself in for! Please excuse the language but ive never before been so scared! Anyhow, once i’d landed and taken 5 minutes to digest what had just happened, I realised how incredibly amazing it was, mind blowing infact but in the same moment I made the firm decision I wouldnt want to do it again. I’d seriously recommend anyone whos been thinking about doing a skydive to just go for it but in future my bucket list wont be quite so adrenaline filled!!


And thats a wrap folks! Thanks again for taking the time to read. Please feel free to leave a comment or a like! Be happy! x





First blog post and 4 things that make me happy!

For my first blog post I thought id keep things positive and tell you 4 things that make me feel happy. Sometimes we get so caught up in the everyday stresses of life that we forget the beautiful things that are right in front of us. So here are a few things that make me happy…



Thinking back as far as i can remember walking has always been a big part of my life, from being on my dads shoulders and cow spotting to having my dogs and taking them through the fields, being out and about has always bought me calmness and happiness. Early morning walks are definatly my favourite! Although its sometimes a struggle to get out of bed, the fresh air and the morning bird tweets are totally worth it. So the next time your feeling a little stressed or just need some time, set your alarm clock a little earlier and just walk 5, 10, 15 minutes and see how it makes you feel, trust me, you wont regret it.

Spending Time With Loved Ones

I couldnt write 4 things that make me happy without having this point in there. Often finding the time to be with loved ones can be tricky but making time is totally worth it. A cuppa with a family member or a phone call with my best friend, i come away from both feeling so blessed knowing i have such an amazing network of people around me.


Looking Through Old Photos And Videos

This is definatly one of my favourite things to do. Only recently I stopped by my Nan and Gramps house and we got all their old photos out to have a good reminisce. I find not only looking at old photos of me and my immidiate family facinating but seeing generations of old photos totally amazing too. We cried tears of laughter but also tears of sadness as I got told stories of the “good old days”. Only a week after looking through old photos, my nan found out all the old home videos of my cousins and I when we were younger. Hearing my 6 year old self saying “Look at me, look at me!” 15 times over was just one of the things that had us giggling. I will forever cherish old photos and memories and I hope I continue my nans tradition of getting the camera out at any given chance!harry and me

Being On My Own

In contrast to spending time with loved ones, sometimes I just want to be on my own and thats just as wonderful as being surrounded by people. Getting into a good book or sitting infront of an amazing view are just 2 ways i get some me time. Being on my own is often needed and getting completely lost in something else relaxes me. Usually i go to a beautiful view if im feeling a little stressed, sitting and looking out at the big wide world on top of somewhere like Glastonbury Tor often puts life into perspective, my issue is so small in comparison to this amazing place we call home!


So there we have it, 4 things that make me happy and my first blog post is complete. I’d love to hear what makes you happy and if you can relate to any of mine! Thank you for reading and continue to do things that make you happy!